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It's all about the game

Amigame is an online platform dedicated to bringing the evolution of game development to gamers. We were one of the first user-driven game studios and we provide a different standard for experiencing video games, catering to the needs of creators and giving gamers new, unique ways of interacting with video games.


Our applications are created to support a number of different devices and interfaces. From VR to touchscreens, and from big screen TVs to smartphones, play our games wherever you are.

Users matter

At the heart of Amigame is the player community that are known to support original ideas with passion and test out experimental concepts that lead to new, innovative gameplays. Everyone is welcome to participate with a variety of activities available to all users:


Debating is a driving force for generating new ideas and sorting out the specs of any particular feature. We endorse everyone's participation and believe that the more people contribute the better the final result will be. Brainstorming needs to stay true to the original vision but in a true democratic fashion everyone's input is considered.

Content creation

In many ways Amigame operates like a grass-roots organization, with many aspects of "regular business", from development to marketing handed off to the community. Users contribute their content, and get credit for it, that varies based on their interests: documentation, posters, gameplay videos, walkthrough guides, just to name a few...


Experimenting often requires in depth testing, and that can be time consuming. Although not all gamers can code, most are pretty good at finding bugs. So instead of testing a product in private, and possibly delaying months in the process, Amigame releases all rough concepts in public beta, available for gamers to evaluate and send in their feedback.


In our everyday operations there are a lot of areas that our users help with; from maintaining the open source repositories, to moderating the discussion boards and even contributing to the social pages. Our community managers come from the community itself, and as such have a sincere interest in serving the other users.

Immerse into the gameplay without the monetization headache

No worries gaming

Most other platforms have itemized pricing and some even include in-game transactions. We feel this constant mention of currency breaks the immersion with the game. Instead of that, for Amigame we wanted everyone to have free access 24/7 and easily switch from game to game, with only one subscription to worry about.

Always available, always updated

There's always something to do as the games are truly dynamic, generated with procedural elements and in many cases sprinkled with user generated content.

In addition, every working game is under constant review and components are frequently updated, even core mechanics if necessary.

We love creators because we are creators

Dedicated to the devs

Staying true to the indie spirit, Amigame is run by developers and collaborates with companies that share the same principles. It's the difference between making games as a personal expression and just making games as a business. We obviously care about the first...

Everything is built using open technologies so there are no licensing fees and no distribution restrictions. We want our collaborators to feel the power of owning their own work instead of being a cog in someone else's money making machine.

Low entry barrier, broad reach

As a platform, Amigame provides an easy way to jumpstart a new idea. Aiding in the process is a maturing toolset centered around Construct, and an increasing amount of sample code and tutorial material.

We are proud to have a user base that is dedicated and ready to play every new creation; even rough concepts enjoy early exposure that helps in solidifying a concept and turn it into a working title.

One place to experience games, from conception to aftermath...